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Fenix Legal offers assistance in the filing and prosecution of European, Swedish and Patent Cooperation Treaty patents, together with patent litigation and validation of European patents in Sweden.

Our European patent attorneys have a very long experience of European patent prosecution including oral proceedings with the EPO. Once your invention is protected by a patent, we will take care of the payment of annuities.

The patentable technology that we handle for clients worldwide covers the following areas:

  • Separation technology
  • Digital systems and IT solutions
  • Building and construction
  • Medical equipment
  • Biochemical and biotech
  • Pharmaceuticals/health and wellness
  • Industrial tools
  • Telecoms
  • Aerospace technology


We are registered European trademark and design representatives before the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO).

Our services include:

  • Protection strategies, including M2/EUTM Link
  • Classification consultation and relations between trademarks and domain names and design protection
  • Pre-filing searches
  • Filing and prosecution of national, international and EU applications
  • Renewals and assignments
  • Watching
  • Provisional refusals (M2)
  • Oppositions worldwide, with special experience of EU trade mark oppositions
  • Customs watch
  • Corporate image manuals.

Business intelligence

At Fenix Legal, business intelligence means more than just keeping an eye on what is going on. It means knowing your IP assets and how strong or weak they are, conducting annual IP due diligence and watching your IP rights and those of others in order to avoid conflicts and be better prepared for the future.

It means, in other words, business-focused IP rights management for the boardroom.


Our European design attorneys assist in the prosecution of Community design applications, national design applications, renewals and assignments, as well as pre-searching and watching.

Trade names and company law

We have extensive experience of the establishment of new companies and can provide all necessary searches, documentation (eg, company law agreements, partnership agreements, articles of association, employment contracts, transfer of shares and related family law contracts) and contacts with the local authorities, making the registration process as smooth and quick as possible.

Dispute resolution

Fenix Legal is well prepared to defend and enforce your rights at all levels of the judicial system, in Sweden and the European Union.

We also have internationally trained and well-experienced mediators and arbitrators, and we serve as panellist for WIPO, the Forum, the Czech Arbitration Court and the Swedish IIS. 

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) should, in many cases, be considered not as an alternative but as your first option to solve the dispute.

Internet & Domain Names 

Our Cyberlaw services include:

  • Protection strategies and creation of domain names
  • Registration of domain names in all top-level domains
  • Renewals and assignments of domain names
  • Privacy law
  • Copyright on the Internet
  • Domain name disputes, in court or via alternative dispute resolution, such as before the World Intellectual Property Organisation, the  Forum and the Czech Arbitration Court.


We assist in the valuation of literary and artistic works, certified depositions of works, formation of agreements and dispute resolution in case of copyright infringement.

Commercial law and market communication

It is possible to conduct business without a written agreement, as “pacta sunt servanda”. Possible, but definitely not advisable!

A written contract is a neutral confirmation on your agreement, and a necessity if there is a later change of opinions or representatives of the original parties. 

A written agreement does not have to be extensive or expensive, although it is sometimes needed to create a full scale document in order to cover all aspects of a specific transaction.

We conduct legal market investigations, evaluate contracts and assist in any disputes arising from your actions or those of your competitors on the market.

Fenix Legal has extensive experience of national and international contracts and clauses, such as:

  • Coexistence agreements
  • License agreements
  • Business contracts
  • Settlement agreements
  • Cooperation agreements
  • Franchising agreements
  • Joint venture agreements
  • Production and distribution agreements
  • Non-disclosure agreements

IP & Business Law in CIS

Fenix Legal and our associates are experts in intellectual property and establishment of companies and joint ventures in CIS. Among our services in this area are:

  • Intellectual Property (incl. patents, designs and  trademarks)
  • Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Mergers & Acquisitions 
  • Real estate and construction
  • Employment and labour law
  • E-commerce
  • Corporate advisory and compliance
  • Banking and securities
  • Tax planning and compliance

 "Fenix Legal provide invaluable services across all areas of the

IP industry”

(TMT News, awarding Fenix Legal the prize "Top 25 in IP")

The Fenix Legal team consists of a unique combination of patent and trademark attorneys, patent engineers, lawyers, business consultants and branding experts, providing clients with business-focused

IP rights management.

We handle cases in many languages, including:

Swedish, English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Finnish, Danish and Norwegian.

Maria Zamkova

M.A. (Industrial Design)


Maria has education in management, law,

marketing and business economy from the

University of Stockholm. She has a

Master of Industrial Design and has studied intellectual property at the IP Academy of Sweden.

Maria works with patents, designs and trademarks. She is a European Trademark & Design Attorney. She is also an expert in IP and business strategies and is a frequent lecturer in these topics.

Maria has got the Client Choice Awards by the International Law Office and Lexology (ILO) as the best expert of Intellectual Property - Patent - in Sweden. 

She is a Member of the Board of the Association of Swedish Patent Attorneys (SPOF), as well as member of  INTA, AIPPI and SIPF (Association of IP Professionals in Swedish Industry).

Language: Swedish, English

Vanessa Bélec

M.Sc., Electrical Engineering

Master of Laws (LL M)

Master of Science in Electrical Engineering

from the Royal Institute of Technology in

Stockholm, and Master of Laws from the

Southampton Solent University in United Kingdom.

She has worked as Examiner at the Swedish PTO (PRV) and has studied the work as EPO Examiner with the European Patent Office in Munich, and has also experience from English and Swedish patent- and law firms, as well as from the software industry as in-house attorney.


Vanessa has broad experience of strategy, filing and prosecution within the fields of telecommunication, Artificial Intelligence (AI), digital signal processing, Internet of things, electronics and mechanism. She is a member of CIPA (The Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys) and EPI.

Language: Swedish, English, French, Spanish.

Stefan Lennefors

M.Sc. mech.eng.

Stefan has experiences from the Swedish

Patent Office as well as from one of the major

Swedish patent & law firms. During the years,

he has been a patent attorney in most

mechanical domains, with special knowledge

in hydraulics and pneumatics and to some

extent also in applied electronics, optics and information technology.

Stefan has been working with the entire patenting process both within Sweden and internationally, including US and EPO.

His experience also includes infringement assessments, due diligence, freedom to operate and litigation. In addition, Stefan has a profound experience in the management of design rights.

Stefan holds a Master of Science from the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm, and is a Swedish Authorized IP Attorney.

Language: English, Swedish, German

Nils Hopgarten

European Patent Attorney / European

Trademark and Design Attorney

Master of Science in Electrical Engineering

from the Royal Institute of Technology in

Stockholm, and Doctor of Engineering.

Nils has a long experience as Patent Attorney from both private practice as well as the industry (Siemens). He has broad experience in patent matters in the electrical and physical fields, especially in electromedicine and protection of software inventions. 

He is a professional representative before the European Patent Office as well as member of the Association of Swedish Patent Attorneys.

Language: Swedish, Norwegian, English, German.

Peter Winblad

Bs.C., mech.eng.

European Patent Attorney

Peter is a European Patent Attorney and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering. He has extensive experience of oral proceedings with the EPO.

Peter has worked as a Patent Examiner at the Swedish Patent Office and has also served as a patent case presenter at the Swedish Board of Patent Appeals. Prior to joining Fenix Legal, Peter worked at one of the major Swedish patent & law firms.

Peter is dealing with most aspects of patent prosecution in Swedish, European and foreign proceedings, and especially in the following technical areas: Industrial robots, vehicle technology, waste water and gas purification, nuclear power technology, medical devices, packaging equipment, metal and wood working technology

Language: English, German, Swedish

Petter Rindforth

LL M, Partner

Petter has a Master of law from the University

of Stockholm. He is a European Trademark &

Design Attorney and a trained Mediator

(member of the INTA International Panel of

Neutrals). Petter is an expert in cyberlaw and

serves as arbitrator/panellist for the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Arbitration and Mediation Center, the ADR Forum, the Swedish Internet Infrastructure Foundation (IIS) and the Czech Arbitration Court.

Petter is further an expert in trade mark issues on the Internet, member of the AIPPI ADR Standing Committee, the ABA Trademarks & the Internet Committee, the 

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Committee of INTA, as well as Special Reporter (ICANN) of the Fédération Internationale des Conseils en Propriété Industrielle (FICPI), representing FICPI in the Intellectual Property Constituency (IPC) of ICANN. 

Petter has also experience of patent and design disputes in administrative and civil courts. He is a registered EPO Legal Practitioner and is entitled to undertake professional representation before the European Patent Office.

Petter is President of the Association of Swedish Patent Attorneys (SPOF), since 2019, a position he also served between 2009-2013. He also serves as member of the ECTA Supervisory Board.

He is a member of AIPPI, INTA, FICPI, ECTA, IPS, SPOF, SIPF, SFIR and American Bar Association.

Language: English, Swedish

Anne Rosenberg

LL M, Head of Trademark Department

Anne Rosenberg has a Master of Law from

the University of Uppsala, with an extensive

experience of intellectual property law and

business law from Swedish courts, companies

like LM Ericsson and Swedish law firms.

Anne is a registered European Trademark and Design Attorney, an authorized Swedish Trademark Attorney as well as a Swedish authorized IP Attorney. She is specialized in all aspects of trademark protection, including Swedish, European and international trademark prosecution, clearances, oppositions, disputes, assignments, strategies and trademark portfolio management. Anne Rosenberg drafts and negotiates intellectual property agreements and handles legal matters relating to company names, domain names, marketing law and copyright law as well as design prosecution.

She is a member of INTA, SPOF and SIPF.

Language: Swedish, English

Mats Rosenholm


Mats has a Master of law from the University

of Stockholm and is specialising in Business

Law with focus on transactions and agreements.

He has worked extensively for SME's, assisting

in company foundations, related labour & family law, as well as liquidations. Mats is also consulting in trademark and other IP related cases.

Language: English, Swedish

Victor Vasiliev

Business Consultant

Victor has many years of experience in

assisting  European companies  to establish

business and co-operations with Sweden and vice versa. He also works as a translator.

Language: English

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